Remote-first recruiting platform.

Rock Hire has everything you need to hire remotely and create an amazing candidate experience.

The ultimate hiring

Beautiful, mobile-first job listings.

You can make the first impression only once. Attract more talented people and show the vibe of your company.

One-way video interviews.

Easy pick candidates that match your team fit without initial calls or meetings. It saves a lot of time for you, your candidate and people involved from your team.


Candidates can automatically schedule calls and meetings that match your availability.

Emotion recognition to help with team fit.

Analyze videos with AI-based emotion recognition that helps you tell the emotional profile of a candidate.

Focus on candidates, automate everything else.

Use Rock Hire Kanban Boards to manage hundreds of candidates with ease. Add automation to send messages to candidates and book meetings.

Measure, don't guess.

You can precisely tell which source perform well for you and where you can find the best candidates.

More insight.

Learn more about people applying for a job and make data-driven decisions.

Due to COVID-19 Rock Hire gives free access to the platform for 60-days.